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Monday, 17 June 2013

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By: Adedokun Adetunji On: 10:18
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  • Controversial  Classic fm radio presenter Maina Kageni  who men hate with passion while their women love his deep voice with a mission has come out to talk of drama surrounding his life. The 40 year millionaire who is among the list of senior bachelors in Kenya who despite having millions have decided to  stay single and free has come out to talk of his gay life accusations. “It comes a time when a man has to face the truth and come out of the closet. Let me admit I am a gay”. Maina said in an interview with one of the respected magazines in Kenya.

    Maina adds that he was a gay since his teenage years and he has remained mum about the issue due to the nature of his work in the media fraternity. “It’s not easy to be openly a gay when you are in the media. I have worked in the TV and Radio but none of  my employer would allow me to admit being a gay publicly. I could lose my job.”

    The talented presenter whose show has the largest audience in Kenya also denies rumours that Pulse Magazine spread lately that he is dating a woman who he was photographed kissing in an event. Maina says that he received many phonecalls from the gay community asking him whether he had switched but he says” Am not dating any woman but the person i will marry will be a man.”  Adding to this is a photo that went viral when Maina was photographed hugging his fellow sex mate. See the photo below:

    He admits the photo was taken when in Zanzibar where he had taken the said man  for a holiday Christmas.  There were also reports in the media that Maina won an award during Kenya’s Gay and Lesbian Awards(KeGALA). Maina further says that he has gay friends who are on TV but they can’t come out because of the nature of their job. He further admits to have attended gay parties in the past but he always  stayed away from paparazzi’s and other intruders and he further said that their parties are well guarded. Is this the same man our Kenyan women are calling him to ask for advice. We are a lost Kenya aren’t we?