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Sunday, 7 July 2013

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Right make-up: Dark skin

By: Adedokun Adetunji On: 08:26
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  • You can get away with much darker and bolder make-up colours. To achieve the best result:

    1. Moisturise skin

    2. Let liquid foundation evens out your skin tone.

     A good foundation helps even out your skin tone. Why not mix two foundation shades together if you cannot get one that matches your skin perfectly? Apply the foundation all over your skin with a flat-top brush or cosmetic sponge.

    3. Don’t skip the powder

    Since darker skin tones tend to get oily, it is important to always use powder. After the foundation, sweep some translucent powder on your skin with a large powder brush. 4. Wear a darker blush colour

     Fair-skinned women depend on blush to warm up their complexions. Women with darker skin tones can get away with not wearing blush. However, blush is always nice to wear on special occasions. Coral, deep orange and wine blush colours typically look the best on dark complexions. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush. If your blush is not showing up on your skin, apply a crème blush under it to increase the intensity.

    5. Avoid pale, frosty lip colours

    According to Yahoo!, pale, frosty lip colours look unflattering on dark skin tones. Choose shades like burgundy, wine, brown, red and plum. Add a clear lip gloss on top so your lips look extra shiny.