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Sunday, 7 July 2013

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Ramadan moon sighting on Monday night

By: Adedokun Adetunji On: 09:05
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  • Abu Dhabi: A committee, chaired by Dr Hadef Jua’an Al Daheri, Minister of Justice, will meet after Maghrib prayers on Monday at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, to sight the crescent moon of Ramadan.

    With the onset of Ramadan, Muslims in the UAE will join the entire Muslim nation of almost two billion people, men and women, young and old, rich or poor, for a whole month, not eating, not drinking and not having intimate relations from dawn to sunset.
    The Fatwa section of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf said for those who miss any days of fasting during Ramadan, there are two types of missed fasts. For any days missed through necessity, Fidya is payable. For any days missed unnecessarily, Kaffara is payable.
    When someone cannot fast in Ramadan and cannot make up afterwards (due to ill health or pregnancy) they pay Fidya for someone else to be fed at the rate of Dh15.